ICRPG Essentials Deck for VVt



Is there a way to buy the images of the ICRPG Essentials Deck for use in the RuneHammer Virtual Table Top?


yeah! there are the icrpg vol 1-4 that you can buy the pdfs for that the essential deck pulls from.


Can you confirm that all 4 sets contain jpg/pngs? thanks.


These are the files within the four volumes according to my DriveThruRPG library


Thank you, just wanted to check, as I saw a comment on drivethru someone complaining about not getting the images. Thanks again for your swift reply.


Happy to help! If you jump on the Runehammer Patreon or the discord server, Hank has shared a bunch of stuff to patrons which I’m pretty sure includes a lot of this stuff. Just ping me and I’ll help you find it.


I am a patreon, and I’m on discord. I think I found it last night … post from sept 22 2021? Unless you have something else, I would be more than happy to look at.


No, that’s the one I was thinking of, but if you search in discord with “has:link” you’ll find a bunch of other goodies.


Thanks, and also thanks as I just realised I watched you playing ‘The Trial’, on YT last night, very helpful, I will watch some of your other stuff.


Hi again, I just bought Vol 4, it has digital tokens, but no digital versions of the cards. Do the other three volumes have digital versions of the cards? Sorry to keep asking, be the descriptions on Drivethru are very vague.


Yeah Volume 4 only included the tokens. In the screen shot above you can see everything that’s in each volume the vtt cards are all in the Online Play kits. To convert them you just have to snippet them out of the pdf and you should be good to go.


300 cards (vol 1,2+4) printed and cut, deciding if I want to round 1200 corners.


like the cutter is it good?