ICRPG @ Dragonflight Con, Bellevue, WA 8/16-8/18 2019


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up with plenty of notice that I’m planning to run a number of ICRPG sessions at the Dragonflight convention in Bellevue, WA (just outside of Seattle) during August 16th through 18th. A full 3-day weekend pass is only $50 in advance so it’s one of the more affordable cons.

I’ve been going to this con for a number of years and have ran events there in the past. Now that I’m bit by the ICRPG bug I’ll definitely be running this game that all of us here dig! So whether you are within driving distance or would consider flying in (the con is at a hotel) for some ICRPG immersion, keep me and this convention in mind.

I’ll wait a bit to see if anyone here thinks they may make it and if so discuss what type of games to run. I’d be open to one shots or if we had a committed party, a weekend long campaign, something home brew or right out of one of the ICRPG settings. I’ll likely need to start posting events by early June.


NOTED. I am a couple hours north across the border and might head down to check it out… I would have to wait till closer to the event to know for sure!


Real cool… wish i could find more heads up like this on the east coast…


Awesome! I hope you can make it!


Sounds pretty cool. I will see if I can make it.


Hey yo . . . now that we’re getting close to this event I’m bumping this to see if any of you fine board members might be able to make it and get in some ICRPG. Let me know.


Aw, man! I’m literally driving through Bellevue the weekend before this! Had I noticed earlier I might have been able to rearrange things to squeeze a day of this in, but sadly, it’s not to be. If you do this every year, though I’ll try to make an effort to get back up there next year. (I live in Portland and have family out in the Washington Cascades so I’m through there at least a couple times a year.)


I could prolly swing by!


I ran a Marvel X-Men ICRPG game today at the convention. The players ran Cyclops, Colossus, Storm & Wolverine as they went head to head with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Two of the players were familiar with ICRPG and the community. The other two players picked it right up thanks to the great rule set the game offers.

I have another ICRPG DC Heroes game scheduled for tomorrow (8/18) at 2pm. So if you can make it to Bellevue to check out the con stop on by to jump in.

Special thanks to @DMChef, I used the form fillable sci-fi character sheet he posted here to make my pre-gens and they worked great!