ICRPG Collector's Edition — Crushing disappointment


It’s with great sadness that I’m sharing the news that my long-awaited pre-order of the ICRPG Collector’s Edition was just cancelled.

I had originally ordered one from Modiphius US directly but chose to support my local FLGS instead, when I saw that they had it available for pre-order in January. After a very long delay, with little news, the store just informed me, and several other ICRPG fans, that their supplier had cancelled the orders, apparently because Modiphius was not honouring their orders.

This is truly truly disappointing. I have been waiting a very long time for this book and honestly was delighted to know it would soon be in my collection (to go along with my complete 2E collection). Now …

If anyone has a lead on a copy of the ICRPG Collector’s Edition I could buy, please let me know. I know it’s just a book but I’m actually kind of heartbroken.

End of broadcast.


Very sorry to hear this! And it’s not just a book, it’s something you had your heart set on and were excited about so I understand completely. I’ll keep my ears and eyes open!


Thanks, very much.

It’s appreciated.


Did you also order from 401 Games? Got the same email today :’(



They were very apologetic but it doesn’t really salve the sting.


Just get a regular book. It’s the same - only cover is different.


Well, that and the two ribbons … and the fact that I specifically ordered the Collector’s Edition (twice), with the intent of adding it to my collection.

Technically, you’re right. The Master Edition shares many book-like qualities with the CE. To some extent the PDF also shares many qualities with the CE (words, illustrations, page order). And I do own the PDF (came with the original Modiphius order I cancelled to buy from the FLGS).

Yet, I still had my heart set on, wanted and pre-paid for the CE (twice). That’s the rub. I didn’t get what I wanted. I have to reconcile that before considering any alternatives (even Hankerin prefers the CE).


Incidentally, The Master Edition is also sold out everywhere. So …


Did you ever found a solution?

Modiphius.us after almost 2 years, canceled mine too (I asked to hold the funds).

I ordered 2 and got 0, so I’m back waiting for a collector’s edition.
One was intended for a friend’s birthday, makes me really sad.
And of course you can’t buy it anywhere.

What are the official stores to preorder it in Canada?


I eventually got my hands on a Master Edition from 401 Games. I’d still like a copy of the Collector’s but not sure that will ever happen. I got a notice from Modiphious US that they had some for presale but they were sold out by the time I hit the link (or it was a fallacious notice).

As far as I can tell, there will never be a Canadian store that carries the Collectors edition. Modiphious just isn’t honouring the store orders they had. So for now, it’s the POD at DrivethruRPG or wait for the Master Edition reprints.


I am sticking to the PDF, but wow I really was looking forward the collector’s edition.

Waiting two years without one is beyond frustrating.