ICRPG 40K Psyker Rules - Trial Output. CnC welcome



So, I did a thing.

ICRPG 40K Psyker Test Publish

I started doing this after tuning in on Hank’s YT Q and A session. I threw out some questions, especially one about making a setting even though something like it existed, and took his passionate words to heart.

This is my first real attempt at making something. I know Hank said in one video that I should start with the cover page, and has given some tips about layout in another. Rather than worry if what I am doing will be up to his standards, I just jumped right in and did something.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!

Programs used: Scribus and Inkscape.
Picture used: Taken from frontlinegaming.org (but seen in a White Dwarf magazine somewhere), artist unknown, used without permission.


That is so frakkin Metal.


Thank you sir!

Please let me know what I can do to improve.


Friends in 40K? “ Allies can try to stabilise their pain-wracked friend with a HARD INT or CHA roll. ”

I’d keep lore to a minimum if publishing anything with a litigious IP owner. Or separate and refer to pages of original lore. But that is me, I’m paranoid.

I would add lore as to the difference between a Intelligence based support save and a Charisma based one. “Your vitals are through the roof, you need to take a deep breath” Vs. “Get your butt in gear, you’re ruining my calm!!!”

Beyond that it seems solid.


I am keeping that in mind, as I know how GW is with their IP. I just wanted to use words and language I am most familiar with. The final output will see the 40K-ish lore replaced with something similar in theme but different (somehow haha).

Also, good point. I think it will be confusing as to how an INT or CHA roll actually helps the psyker in danger.


I’m learning Inkscape right now. What did you use it for?