ICME Oneshot "The Chalices of Al'Ranah" (Cosmic Horror)


Hey guys 'n girls,

atm I’m working on the final steps of my ICME supplement for cosmic horror.
Hence I’m looking for 2 more players (@WundeR already signed up) to playtest an adventure called “The Chalices of Al’Ranah”. (if too many people are interested, I gonna pick and will probably re-run that game later)

Plot Hook:

At the bazaar of Linra el-Shedim, you hear about the chalices of Al’Ranah, which were burried with the ancient king. The full set is priceless.

There are some custom rules for character creation. I’ll let you know about them soon. Drop me a message (forum or discord) if you’re interested.

We’ll be using ICVTT and Discord (either RH or community one)


Hi Glocke, I’m interested!


Have cleared my conflicting appt, so sign me up!