"ICE AND SNOW" (ICME Oneshot, CoC-style)



We have filled up all slots for a CoC-themed ICME Oneshot.

  • We’ll be using ICVTT
  • and Discord for Voice and Video
  • probably around 3 hours

SETTING: Alaska, late 1922. The PCs are vacationists who booked a room in Mr. and Mrs. Posh’s guesthouse “Mountain Peak”.

PC Creation:

  • Name and a minor background (optional)
  • 6 Stats, 4 Effort
  • 5 TAGs that grant +3 on specific rolls (aka “skills”)
  • 5 pieces of loot
  • :heart: of HP
  • :heart: of Sanity
    (no abilities, no lifeform stuff… everybody is human and has a job)

We’re doing player-facing rolls, so no defense required.

Let me know if you’re interested.


As usual, here’s an example character

Prof. Abraham Theodor Rifenberg

  • teaches American history at Boston university
  • Mr. Posh invited him for a deer hunt
  • DEX +1, INT +3, WIS +1, CHA +1
  • Basic Effort +2, Gun Effort +2
  • Skill Tags:
    • Mythology
    • Authority
    • Mother-tongue
    • Tracking Animals
    • Setup Traps
  • Equipment:
    • Hunting Knife (DEX, Weapon Effort)
    • Deer Rifle (DEX, Gun Effort, 2 shots, ammo for 3 reloads)
    • Grandfather’s hip-flask
    • Notebook and pencil
    • Leghold Trap (STR to setup, Weapon Effort, immobilizes)


@kagozaiku is in
@c_oyote is not sure yet


I’m interested and don’t work that day.


I would love to join


Great. Feel free to join our thread on discord (either in #lfg on Runehammer Discord or #gms-hosting-games on the Community Discord).

All slots are filled up now.


Do I need to be a patron to join the discord? I can’t find a working link otherwise.


There is a free public ICRPG Community Discord: https://discord.gg/H76tfBZZEX


Cool thanks, I’m in now, where do you want PCs posted?


Let’s meet in that thread to keep things simple.