I started a blog



Hi Shields!

I’ve been wanting to get more involved in the rpg scene for some time, with plans on how to do so. Well, step one was publishing a game or two. Step two is a blog.

So I coded up a very simple blog! I have plans to add auth to it so folks can login with an account, probably google, discord, patreon, or twitter (that’s the plan at least) and add commenting alongside that. But that hasn’t been done yet.

My first post is about my personal beginning with ttrpgs way back in the 90s, and how it shaped my view of the core of this great hobby. I hope you give it a read! If you do, I’d love any feedback regarding the content, or the format of the site itself.

Future posts will range from rpg philosophy, product reviews, session recaps from my tables, and walkthroughs of my own products. Plus anything else I deem worthy to share!

Thanks for stopping by!




Outstanding! I love the first entry!!!


I must tell you that I’m severely disappointed to see that you are playing the game wrong! You are not allowed to have fun if you are playing wrong. Therefore your blog post is also wrong. Please fix all of those, and do not encourage other people to play the game wrong.

Joking aside, nice story to kick off the blog. I wish you a rewarding and a fun journey.

But please right your wrongs. :speak_no_evil::woozy_face:

Oh btw, I knew that your name is Rodney.


Updated the blog to add commenting. Cheers!


Next up will be adding a RSS feed subscribe link. Seems folks on the Reddit are requesting that, who knew?