I did a thing... AND IT'S ALIVE!


I totally did a thing and it’s out now! :raised_hands:


I know nothing about this but that picture alone has me gripped. It has me thinking Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider themes. Love it can’t wait :+1:


Nice, looking forward to hearing more! :monkey:


Nailed it, that’s right on the theme button. Hehe. :raised_hands:


I’ll be sure to look out for poison darts, snakes and quick sand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Quicksand! :weary: I knew I forgot something! Pits are totally thing though. :grin:


I just ripped the sleeve off my shirt reading this


Looking For Group post is up. :+1:


Oh my, the Monkey God is rampaging across Drivethru as we speak!


Purchased! It’s awesome.


As someone who was on the edge of their seat through the entire session, came within an inch of death twice (in two VERY different ways), and witnessed a game winning critical fail which enabled a following clutch critical success that saved my life, I highly recommend! This adventure was a blast!


Dude, seriously!

That was the first time in my life that I witnessed a Player Nat 1 Fail become the Key Moment that saved the day. And then to have it immediately followed by a Player Nat 20 to land the killing blow! :exploding_head:

Hot damn my heart was racing!


Thank you! Looks amazingly fun to run or play.


This 1 shot was quite probably the most edge of my seat exciting single adventure I have had the honor to play in… every single decision had dire consequences. I am just glad that doc hammer didn’t fall to his immediate death on that cliff, I feel like I redeemed my early game fumbles by the end, being able to snap out of it. No spoilers, but holy cow, I can’t recommend this encounter set enough. It has great thematics, and interesting mechanics that really pull you in and leave you feeling enthralled :wink: it works great as a stand alone single night of gameplay, but could easily be reskinned to fit existing work and get plugged into a long running campaign as well. @JDStirling , with all sincerity, you are the man!


Wowza! Monkey God went Copper Best Seller on Drivethru! :astonished::exploding_head:
Thank you everyone for the awesome support. :heart:


congrats dude! you definitely deserve that ranking and more. great work gets rewarded.


My current campaign is set in a jungle, so I’m looking for a way to weave this in. Great work, JD!