Hyper Light Drifter RPG inspiration



Smily day to you, people!!
HDL, such a wobderful and well known game that needs no introduction.

Some of you may have already saw the tabletop version in-the-made by Metal Weave Games, with a free basic rules-light system released at drivethrurpg, and i was wondering, what does the shield wall has to say about it.

What can be port over into ICRPG?
What do you think of the system?
What about the classes and skills?
What other videogames do you think should get the same treatment?

You can see the kickstarter page here

Here’s a playtest in YT

And here’s the DTRPG link

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The pixel art is amazing!


I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing, but you reminded me that Hyperlight Drifter is in my steam library and I have yet to play it. Guess what I am doing later today?


It’s an interesting take trying to port the videogame’s feel into a ttrpg format. I’m a fan of the art but the system still needs work imho, specially on how it is explained on the rulebook. It’s light and fast but not super interesting atm, and it’s narrativist but without a good framework like other games that do the samd. I’m hyped to see what it becomes in the future!

I think that the videogame can easily be translated to icrpg with flavour alone, because aside from the gorgeously weird pixel art, it is just a zelda-lite arpg, mechanically speaking.


Yeah, i know what you mean. The basic rules are still under editing process, so we’ll see how it ends up.


Love Hyper Light Drifter! there is a free playtest document on drivethrurpg that I have been using for a world primer idea… good stuff


Worked on this a bit today…

Index Card World Primer for HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER
Much of the primer is based on the latest playtest document.
Like all my stuff, its a work in progress… here is a summary:

  • Energy: a resource like health, used like a stamina bar. 10 points typically. Zero and your unconscious. Use to perform actions.
  • Dash: Start with 2. Spend them to evade attacks and move around the map. Refresh 1 per round.
  • Classes include Warrior, Versifier, Delver, Trailblazer.
  • Boosts: Spend an energy, increase any roll by the Boost rating.
  • Intervention: a communal point pool used to mitigate a bad roll.

There is lots more to like and hack from this great little game… looking forward to getting this to the table for a playtest or two.

Game On!


I like where this is going, Ezzerharden. I was pretty excited about the HLD TTRPG and I’m hoping to see a good system dealing with crafting, working with ancient tech, etc.


Yeah I can see alot of potential to recycle some of the mechanics and story into a ICRPG World Primer for sure… there is already a bunch of things I like but I still need to get this to playtest table.

gAme On!


I didn’t realize that the core rules were available for free, I had only seen the playtest. They’re missing the world information and some features like the co-op and solo rules which I assume we’ll see when the full book releases.

A couple of pertinent notes:
The crafting system is very bare bones. you have (inorganic) components and (organic) ingredients. Crafting is mostly a downtime activity and different recipes will call for those two things along with various resources of time, energy, sanity etc. This could use some major expansion but I think as a “module” for ICRPG it might have some legs. Overall kind of disappointing as I’d hoped there would be lots of cool interactions with ancient tech, which is mostly covered by abilities.

The main resolution mechanic is kind of clunky- d20 roll over with two thresholds for success and failure with a “success but” in the middle, then at character creation you put points into these thresholds for each of the major ability groupings, and the points reduce the difficulty. This would have been much more intuitive if it was bonuses to your roll result instead of lowering the difficulty but that’s just my preference. Overall I think this would make more sense as ICRPG effort- there would still be the element of choosing risk or safety in building up your character’s rolls.

Overall, I like Drifter but I think I would like the missing stuff better than what’s there. The exploration and downtime stuff is nice in general. It’s very video-gamey so things like abilities and such are sparse out of combat. I’ll continue waiting for the full release but in the meantime I’m going to think about what I could do with some of this. Hopefully @Ezzerharden keeps at it as well!

EDIT: because I’m an idiot I realize that ezzerharden’s primer covers a lot of what’s already in the rules.