Hunter Traps and Trap Launcher


Hello! Just got my PDF and the book will arrive in a couple weeks.

I am just creating fun premades for my table if we do a 1 shot.

My question is on the hunter and the Trap Launcher. I’m drawing a blank. The only thing i can think to “make it work” would be if it was some kind of arcane trap. Otherwise, if they shot a trap anywhere on the map they could see… why wouldn’t an opponent just see it and avoid it?

Am i missing something?


I’m not 100% sure of the intention but I always treated mine like advanced mechanical devices and the Hunter uses their camo knowledge to apply a “skin” to the traps top to conceal it wherever he’s launching it. I always have my enemies roll a Perception if they get near the trap to see if they see it and that roll becomes HARD when the Hunter levels up and refines his skill.


Search for “Gorilla Experiment” or “Selective Attention Test” on YouTube. With so much stuff going on in an encounter, it’s entirely plausible that we don’t notice everything going on.

Remember, it’s only neatly going in turns for US, the players. For the characters, it’s a chaotic mesh of events happening all at once.


The trap launcher can be a bit of a head scratcher, but I think it’s a good opportunity for player and GM to talk about their expectations for what this can do. I would be inclined to work with the player that wanted this to come up with maybe three kinds of traps they could launch: something like a bear trap, that would reduce do good damage, but only affects one target; something like a caltrop or ball bearing barrel that could cover a large area, and mostly impede movement; and something like a tanglefoot bag, which only affects a single target, doesn’t do any damage, but does immobilize enemies. Working out details with players can be a good way to develop a set of expectations, and for the player to really feel ownership over their character.