Howdy from Texas


My name is Thomas. I like playing ttrpgs and MUDS. I am not super experienced in ICRPG but enjoy it’s ability to work with almost any system as a base to edit it. I’m excited to look for new people to play with!


Welcome, man. Good folks here sharing ideas and running games for the community.


Welcome! What’s you favourite thing thus far?


Long days and pleasant nights, welcome!


Welcome to the shield wall @Lettucecheese!


welcome to the wall! :leafy_green::cheese:


Wow Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I apologize to get to it just now as I was busy fixing up the yard today.

I really love the feel of the game more than anything. It’s like 2nd edition to me. It’s open ended with simple mechanics that allow you to fill in the blanks you wish to. My current fantasy campaign actually incorporates a mix of Wizards World and ICRPG (mostly carrying over race bonuses and things like thief skills.) and it feels great streamlining some of the more notorious mechanics of 2e clones while still keeping the spirit alive with the use of abilities from magic items being a character’s main customization.


Welcome to the shield wall! What part of Texas are you in?


Thanks for the welcome! I am in the DFW area. Closer to Fort Worth than Dallas


Love the DFW area; though, I’ve spent more time in Dallas. I think I’d go back right now just for the brisket tacos at Mia’s.

Anyway, welcome again!


Happens to be where I had lunch today. I got the steak enchiladas


@Lettucecheese No way.


I am in Austin, but get up to DFW to visit my daughter at UTD somewhat regularly.


Seriously, I’m working on a job in Dallas and I was like 5 blocks away. It’s over on Lemmon street right?


Surprised how many of the shield wall are from texas


Yessir. Close to Love field.

Now, I know you have good taste. :smiley: