How we roll


Hi guys,

I thought the Junk’d category needs some love so I made some pics to show you my game. I made the boards and the wrecks, but up to now I didn’t find the time to customize the cars, although I have tons of old model parts and bits already. Good minis for the ghost riders are also hard to find (I make do with “ghost cars” or the paper minis). So for the time being, this is how I roll.

What about you? How do you play this little gem of a game? I’d really like know how you roll.
See you on the stretch!


Lies!!! That set looks like Runehammer made it himself!!! Lol.

Seriously, that is a killer set! I can’t wait until you finish the cars. Really really great.


I have played several times with the paper version, a ton of old toy caRs is piled up in my Bunker, but I haven’t found the time yet to get started😒

Your Board looks very cool👍🏻


OMG great build! Well done!


slick build! love those Junk’d set pieces!


I’m really impressed with your build here, great work! Love the potholes, cracks and skid marks too. Good stuff. :herocoin:


Here is my starting point. Now I need some styrofoam, glue, paints, ghostriders and lots, lots of time :thinking:. There is some nice cars to custom. Now that winter is coming there might be time in some dark nights to bring Junk’d! Set to life.


here is something ready from my set


looks totally awesome!!


Great set! I like the cars - they look really awesome!


I threw a set together because I really wanted to play. I’m going to be swapping some things out to make improvements, but here’s what I came up with.


Great work! The cars and wrecks are awesome and I like the Ghost Riders very much. Also good to see that Junk’d is still going strong. I have to find some time to build some cool cars. Thanks for the inspiration!