How to use the running skill?



So we played our third session of C&S last night and we got stuck on how to use the running skill. Running: Run double the distance of others, outrun pursuers in the open.

Now when viewing this in the context of the player’s turn, which can only consist of either move, action, or haste, how does a PC use running to gain tactical advantage on the battlefield?

For example, if the player declares I want to roll my running skill, does that count as the action and the turn is over? When does the double running motion activate or last?

During battle, is the running skill only usable along with haste? So she has to roll running as the action, then gets double movement as the move, but of course has to take the +5 attack penalty.


This is a good question that is not spelled out in the rules, but referencing other skills you can see an answer.

In an encounter, on the PC’s Phase, they can choose to take the Action or Movement. Running is augmenting your movement, so you would roll your skill and move double on a success. If you didn’t have the skill, you would have to move the normal distance in the Phase and you can’t do any Hurry action to move twice. This also means that the character is NOT considered to be in a Hurry so they do not incur that penalty.

If the player then wishes to HURRY and rush towards the Dais to steal the McGuffin before the enemy does, they will use a MOVE (with Running Skill roll) to see if they can make it. If so, then they use their action to pick up and steal/equip the McGuffin.

Outside of an encounter, normally you would do a contested roll to see who wins. NOW, the player can just rely on their own skill and outrun their pursuer with minimal difficulty, if any. If the creature they are running to or from is incredibly fast and nearly impossible for anyone to outrun, then this is where the skill will shine and allow the player to catch up despite the seeming impossibility to all.


Also, on page 13, Hurry cannot be used for a double action or a double move.


Thank you, that was my original thought. There are obviously some skills that consume the entirety of the action, like obviously lockpicking, medical, repair, take aim, etc. And then there are skills that augment current actions like running, stealth, swimming, etc.