How to handle changing forms? Sailor Moon, Power Rangers



I was just wondering if anyone has come across a homebrew/hack of Icrpg that handles the players transforming or changing forms, like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, or Sailor Moon? Or if anyone just has suggestions in general, it would be appreciated. I know there’s a power in Vigilante City called transform but I was hoping for something a bit more fleshed out. Thanks!


Usagi from Sailor Moon is just a normal girl who has powers and gadgets locked behind a transformation that must be done under certain conditions or in secret to not give away identity.

That being said, make a character with half the allotted points or abilities as their Mundane version that goes to school or studies karate.

Then make a second character with 100% of the points that is their alter ego transformation BUT grant them bonus points or abilities that are more situational, quantum abilities, or specific load outs (I’m thinking Zoids and the different versions of Liger Zero). This will make it a beneficial to start off weak and have to transform. Like an investment (broke now rich later).


Funny you should ask, @DryScythe made this not too long ago!

You could do what @SpicyVikingTofu just suggested and mix it up with a specific armor type for each PC?


I like the idea of two character sheets a lot. Thanks!


Or do a Double-Sided sheet. One that looks more mundane and normal, and the other side is more themed with all the items and equipment!


Even better! Less paper to keep track of and just flipping the paper over makes seems like it would make it feel a bit more like the same character. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing this! Definitely going to pull bits from it.


I would just double all Physical STAT bonuses when “powered up,” sprinkle in any access to pieces of hero loot, and call it good; Power Ranger types never seem to get any smarter, wiser, or charismatic anyway…