How to DIY a “Witch” player character?


My daughter wants to play a witch-type character. Any tips or ideas on creating this class?

To me they are kind of a mix between a priest and a mage, using magic in some cases, and getting their power from a higher being in others. Also, they make potions, can hex/curse people.


The first thing that comes to mind is doing just that, focus her points in INT and WIS and use WIS for the priest type spells and give her a potion brewing kit that requires WIS rolls to create potions and then use INT to cast all other spells/hexes.

After that there are many ways to customize her but I feel like those ways will come out as you play and see what she likes or dislikes.


I think I may put some work (effort?) into converting over some concepts and spells from the 5e Warlock class towards this goal.


Ah man just ask her what sort of spells she does and how. Is she a Harry Potter witch or Arthur and the sword in the stone witch? I’ll assume the second (the first is just a wizard)

In my opinion WIS main stat. Witches are akin to medicine men or shamans in my mind (Terry Pratchett). They rely on their intuition, knowledge of nature and understanding of people (unlike wizards). Ultimately I’d ask your daughter what feels right.

I think focus split between Witch-y spells and potions is the way to go.
Do you want spells to be specific or open-ended?

Spell ideas:
Hex: turn target into frog for 1d4 rounds
Curse: requires sacrifice. do an effect with one way to remove it. Stronger the effect, larger the sacrifice (sacrifice just means something of value to player)
Familiar: obvious.
Polymorph: change into another body, object or huge animal!
Detect magic, etc
Speak to spirits

Potion brewing: make 1d4 potions (diff types of potions require different hearts of effort). Or simply make 1 potion with 1 action.
-new potions can be created with Hard rolls (and new ingredient?)
-healing potion/love potion/sleep potion/forgetful potion/etc

Cauldron: +3 to potion brewing (or increase number of potions made)
Witches ladle: Use magic effort when brewing
Mystic orb: see glimpses of futures/distant places
Animated Broomstick: like Alladin’s carpet
Familiar: could be an item!
Witches hat: +3 charisma

In retrospect I think solely potions and good milestones could be more than enough. With a few more utility based spells (talk to spirits, detect magic, etc) as “rituals”


Go the Blizzard route: ask yourself what the fantasy of a Witch is?
Or, what is the fantasy of her particular Witch-class?

Then, fill up bullet points, three is the optimal way to do it.
*Make potions.
*Deceive peasants.
*Whatever else she may have in mind, the two previous options were just there for flavour.

Once you’ve done that, figure out a few options and Milestones. Perhaps even origins. But definitely a look, define a look or two for her to choose from. Keep the look as informative as possible as to what her class does. And make it cool!

Then, according to her backstory and origin, make spells just for her. ^.^ You’re done!


All good ideas. I may tie some of the “spells” to potions, or make a potion a required material component of the spell. Depending on the type of witch she wants to play, I may make gradual physical corruption a possible side effect of spell failure. Permanent -1 charisma, and such.


There is also a “Witch” class in the Ghost mMountain portion of WORLDS. If you haven’t, check that out as a good base to go off.


Hey there, for inspiration may i shamefully plug my Magic Patrons list. Have over 20 magic patrons she may like to gain her spells from

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Theres a pdf download of season 1 list in the link too.


Sorry for the delayed reply, was traveling for work last week, TY for the link, will have a look later today.

I have been really trying to flesh out the idea of a “Witch” character class, my idea is to make it a sort of “anti-Priest”, with some inspiration from DnD5E Warlock class. It’s mostly handwritten notes now, but I’ll update here for input when I have time to type it up.


Still a WIP, but thought I would share the rules framework I am using for potion creation for her character. I wrote this in reply to a question about alchemist potion creation on the ICRPG Facebook page:

My daughter runs a “witch” character, of which one perk is the ability to create potions. Here is an example of the rules I use: a healing potion that heals 1d8 points is a Wis roll to succeed, takes 1 heart of effort, and day of time. Then I adjust target, hearts, and time to create based on a more powerful potion. For example, a healing potion that does 2d8 points of healing might be 2 hearts of effort, and take longer to create.

You can also have fun with potions that need rare or hard to find ingredients. While certain herbs and mushrooms might be found after a couple hours foraging in the woods, or going to the local market, things like “dragon tears” or “ash from a fire elemental” is a little harder to come by.

Finally, I treat potion recipes like spells, you have to learn them from somewhere before you can use them. I require a witches cauldron as a prerequisite for potion making, which also gives opportunity for quest hooks to acquire one, or magical ones as that shorten creation time, etc, as milestone rewards.


Nice! I would only suggest maybe not have 1 heart of effort for “simple” potions. Or most of her turns will be brewing! orrrr potion creation = 1d4 created.
Alternatively, milestones could simply make her do more effort (Top Cauldron: double effort when brewing!)/make multiple potions (15+ make 2!)/etc etc


Thanks, I’m new to ICRPG and this is my first go at homebrewing something custom, so I appreciate the ideas. I really like ICRPG for how easy it is to come up with something not-too-complex based on the core mechanics.

From a spell perspective, I’m working on the idea of letting her have the ability to “reverse” certain spells, ie Bless to Hex, Heal to Harm, Curse, Evil Eye, etc. Still WIP, kinda making it up as we go.



We have talked about using this more in ICRPG… Here is the summary of how I would mod the Quantum Supplies idea into rules for POTIONS.


  • 1 Inventory slot = 5 Supplies
  • Trade 3 supply for 1 potion
  • Forage for supplies at abandoned caravan, forests, caves, anywhere gains 1 supply/day.
  • Buy 5 supplies cost 1 coin
  • Break down better items for more supply
  • Reduce the cost of an item by having a background TAG like WITCH or ALCHEMIST.
  • More complex potions may require more supplies or special ingredients added. Horn of a Sleeping Demon, Eyelash from a widows corpse, are good examples.


WITCH or ALCHEMIST: produce potions on a 1:1 ratio of Supplies:Potion. Where most people would use 2 or 3 supplies to make a potion, if at all. Gain an Alchemists Tool Kit (Required to make potions) as Starter Loot.

Big Thank You to @inmatarian for the Quantum Supply notes.


Thanks for the potion and supply rule ideas, I need to digest that and incorporate it.

FWIW, I just found this online and feel like I have wasted my time. My life is a lie :wink: