How to describe resistances & immunities?



Hey guys! Just wondering how you describe resistances and immunities to your players? Instead of:“I deals less damage than you would have expected!” Which I find boring and not quite interesting, prose-wise.



You feel your blade stuck somewhat in it’s thick hide as you strike but you easily pull free.

As the blast of fire licks your targets frame you see it is but lightly scoarched.

Stuff like that. Think of it only in narrative not in mechanics.

Once is enough. If they don’t get it just let it go. Unless they opt to really analyze it then just give em it meta.
It seems to be immune to…


Yeah, that’s why I’m asking help. Can’t seem to get the narrative right on that one. But thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


If narrative is normal in your game it’s easier. Allowing the players to describe their actions and results, but as GM giving a narrative “play by play analysis” becomes the norm… it becomes natural.

This is the aspect that Matt Mercer is truly a master of.

“Your crossbow bolt shot hits the orc in the shoulder, his body shifts with the impact of the bolt, but while the shaft of the bolt is still imbedded…it does not seem to have lost any motion.”

Or “your bolt engulfs the right side of the mages body, his robe dancing in flames, but the flames die prematurely with not even a singe or smoke rising from the point of impact.”

One recommendation is to listen to radio plays or audio dramatization. You can get bonus semi-free versions of this by adjusting accessibility settings for the sight impaired. However, I strongly suggest using this on material you already saw, and listening.

Netflix Audio Description


I’ll definitely look 'em up! Thanks!


Whilst to yourself try to narrate things like this. It helps alot and you will find words otherwise lost to you at game time.