How much is C&S tied to setting


Hi everybody,

after reading to the free player’s guide I got the impression, that the system is quite tied to its setting. I am totally intrigued by C&S but I am mainly looking for a system for my next homebrew world/campaign.

I first was determined to use ICRPG, but I think C&S might be a better match.

So that brings me to my question:

How much is the system tied to the North Holds and would it easily be transferable to a homwbrew setting?


I think it would absolutely be meshable with an existing campaign. The Northholds, like much of the book, is there so you can hit the ground running. At least that’s my impression.


I think some of the biggest things that is tied to the setting is the matter of the Choice everyone has to make to be allowed with the Crown or be free with the Skull. If you have that important choice in your game, you should have no problems with that.

Understanding that improvements in characters is important to your settings, as they gain accolades, so will they gain opportunities within the world (finding the right wizard to teach magic, joining the Holy Order, fealty to a Lord).

The biggest thing that I would say that could impact your games is the HEX rolls as the GM. If you read it well and are quick, you can assign and reflavor those results that makes sense in your setting. The setting gives you enough to get started, BUT leaves it open to creativity and interpretation to flesh out how your group deems fit.


Thanks a lot for your answers, that makes sense, the Crown and skull choice is the tricky part here, as I would have trouble importing that into my world.