How Loose Are These Rules?



First of all, thanks to those that have responded to my questions. I haven’t even played a game yet, as I’m digesting all the info as fast as I can… This game really looks like what I’ve been wanting for a long time, for too many reasons to list here. On to my question!..

So far, the answers I’ve received leads me to believe that either the rules are running fast and loose with finite details left up to the GM to determine at the table, OR… maybe we all stumbled on some minor details that weren’t realized before the book printed… which is OK! I’m all in on this first addition and hoping more books and supplements will be coming!

That said, does Runehammer ever chime in with official rulings? Will there be rules supplements to clarify things? To be clear, I do NOT wanna bog down the game with MORE rules as I feel like ‘less rules’ is kinda the heart of the game.

But from a GM standpoint, having consistent settled rulings for basic things helps the table so that, a year from now, I don’t end up telling my players “sorry bro, I nerfed the shield cause I found out I’m playing it wrong”.

At first glance you’d think ‘no problem, just play the way you like’ but enemy stats are gunna be geared towards a certain level of character build expectation, aligned with what Runehammer INTENDED the finite rules to be. Add to that, a GM can’t have one set of rules for one table and another for a different group. And GM’s down at LGS’s all wanna be on the same page so that one person playing different characters in different games all play the same rules.

Sorry for rambling, but if y’all are interested, there’s a thread right now concerning magic damage, a thread on shields, and I’m about to start a thread on magic ability and the evade and resist abilities. Soooo… I see more loose ends coming. :smile:


I understand this thought process and dilemma you are having. Gary Gygax was always opened to answer questions from fans and players whenever DMs would call him or write him letters asking for how to do something. Much of the time, he responded with “Well… how did YOU handle that situation?” and left it to them.

My personal rule of thumb is to err on the side of the players with specific details. IN order to avoid the rules becoming everchanging, the GM is always advised to write down the ruling they made and review with the players.

I wouldn’t say that the game is fast and loose, but it is not anything like PF2 or GURPS with all rules and possibilities written down. The game does have built-in tools to let you and help you decide.

If you need guidance, that’s what the forums are for. There may be some errata later, but that would be for typos or clarification. If you’ve had any version of ICRPG, you’ll notice the same “leave it to the GM and table to decide” philosophy, but with Crown and Skull, it is a lot tighter.


From watching some of the game recaps posted on YouTube I would wager the best answer you are going to get for some of these items is “Let the dice decide.”
If you are interested you can see where Runehammer talks about an encounter with Gargoyles (page 263) and how the GM at the table adjudicated the Gargoyle petrification on the spot.

YouTube Link to when the “magic happens” to help set up some context.
YouTube Link to when the issue with the 2nd gargoyle petrification comes into play.

I believe the intent is have the rules as written be light and fast. The goal isn’t to create some in depth abstraction of all things but rather to give a basic frame work used by each group at their table. Also in the clips above you can hear where the rules creator even has a views that each group should do what is the most fun for them.

I don’t know if that will provide any sort of use able answer to what you are asking but I hope it helps.


Hop on the runehammer discord! Hank, and many other experienced C&S GMs, are there at all hours answering questions and workshopping with people. It’s somewhat a shame that the forums here aren’t more active, but it is what it is. Discord is where it’s at!


Since the Discord was opened up, the forums slowed down


Guess it’s that “instant gratification”… I personally prefer the forums because it is “static”.


I agree. The static forum seems more useful specifically for game mechanics and items. It’s a resource where at the Discord is a brainstorming space. Both are useful but it is easier to search the forum for game stuff. Maybe there is a way to suggest stuff from the discord that would be a great addition to the forum? Discord to forum pipeline.