How does Ghost Blade work?



Just got my copy of C&S and I am madly in love with it. I’m a new GM and the ideas that are in this book are revolutionary to say the least. I wanted to make my own character and do a test run before I brought it to the table for my friends and I was curious about the basic spell Ghost Blade.

How exactly does that spell work? Can someone break it down for me to make sure that I understand the systems in place.


So all spells have a default range of touch (page 37). You would need to customize it to add the ‘ranged’ feature.

So at its basic level, you get to hit 1d2 targets at touch range with the spell. My interpretation would be two adjacent targets, e.g. two targets you could reach with an out stretched hand. I don’t see knife listed as a weapon on page 33. So I would rule they do dagger damage of 1d4.


That is super helpful! I did the same thing with the dagger for damage. The 1d2 was throwing me a bit. Did I miss that in the manual for best way to handle that?


If playing tabletop you could just do a d4. 1-2 is one ghost knife, 3-4 is two ghost knives.


Page 41 states that the default effect is D6.

So let the player use the Ghost Blade to hit 1d2 targets within touch range with arcane knives for 1d6 damage. It’s magical for purposes of enemy special defenses.

Increase its range, area, power with customization.


Actually, I just saw that on page 37. Good catch.