Homebrews/off the beaten path



Working on a ruthless, press-your-luck homebrew/solo dice thrower…combining some of ICRPG’s killer dice mechanics with a bit of the
“pocket dungeon” dun-gen system…just a quick “I’m dead already?” or endless grinder teetering on your resource management and the dice cooperating with you or not.

Calling it SUICIDE GAUNTLET… sums it up accurately. Making it as transparent as possible to add your own theatre of the mind to each play through. Rules should be overarching and stats easily replaced with obvious description substitutions.

Sharing this here because… I don’t know.

Was very inspired by the d&d basics/combat youtube vid by Captain LumpyHead.

New to this forum. Cheers!

The game is for personal enjoyment of course…what is anyone else messing about with?


Sounds interesting. Break it down for us. Turn one and two. Example please


Still a work in progress of course. Here’s a few tidbits…

Start off rolling to choose an event. Could be an enemy encounter/combat, trap, “challenge” etc…each event is set up to have you roll again to determine what stats you can buff, or has you rolling to escape some sort of peril or ass-whippery.

Roll bonuses (leveling up to a degree) are earned through a series of successful attempts and are tied to designated stats… for example, breaking out of 5 traps will give you a +1 bonus on all trap target rolls…up to +3.

And so on/so forth.

Theme could vary greatly depending on what type of play you imagine, type of enemy or goals you bring in. Based on the 10 HP/HEART system…step up targets and hearts on enemies as you level up.

Continually tweaking it to add more depth and strategy to it in terms of managing stat distribution…when the dice are kind enough to grant you a solid.


i look forward to hearing the rest of this once, to flush it out.


It’s admittedly a time killer as it clearly doesn’t have much depth…I dig the simplicity though and enjoy the stress of letting dice do thier evil thing when you’ve actually managed to stay alive for a while.


As someone who’s always interested in solo gaming options, this sounds awesome, I too would love to see more of the system :slight_smile:


have the stat card mostly worked out…polishing up the rules to make them as clear/coherent as possible.

Fold this in half and it’s the size of a business card. Rules will be on the back in a vertical orientation for quick reference.

The only other items needed are pencil, and d6-12-20…



I love the sound of this.