Homebrew Inclinations!


Hello! I’m new here but came up with a couple of inclinations and really wanted to share them. I’m sure someone has posted something like this before and I just havent seen it.

Vengeful: Once per combat scene if a monster makes a melee attack against you and misses, you may choose to make a melee attack against that monster. This attack is made with a Boon.

Tactical Genius: Once per scene the RR can be forced to disclose the next action an enemy is going to take on it’s next turn so the pusher and shover can make decisions based on that information. The RR cannot change the action unless the action becomes impossible due to actions taken by the P&S prior to the enemy’s turn.

I think for tactical genius you could goose this rule by asking how the enemy would act if the player does something. “Will it target someone else if I move over here?”
"If I kill the leader, will the minions run?