Highway to hell!


18th Nov 2018
The descent into madness continues.

17th Nov 2018.

12th Nov 2018
I discovered Runehammer last weekend, and now I muuuuuuuust creaaate…

I’m going budget build on this one… Running costs so far: $2.99 :wink:


Wow, what a cool car! Way to go! Looking forward to see more of your work!


Most excellent papercraft truck, dude! What are you using for the road? Keep us updated on your build, man, it looks great. :herocoin:


I’m afraid none as yet Ezzerharden, it’s was a custom build, I just started cutting, folding and gluing on the panels in a way befitting the game’s name. :smiley:
I’ll try and take a few progress shots on my next one.


Xmas is around the corner, time to start getting some wrapping practice in.
Presenting my 2nd Speester.



and some behind the scenes on what I’m doing…


Crazy creative!
I love it


bloody wonderful!!! !


Absolutely brilliant, I love this. True paper crafting and if you make enough cars you can literally smash them (not that you’d want to, but you could!) :smiley: Have a :herocoin:


haha, yeah! There is something inherently nice about knowing that you can literally smash your car up, throw it across the room, and not give 2 shits about it - cause you can just fold up another one… :smiley:
I just gotta get my build times down a bit.


Just come out of a coma… actually no, just life getting in the way of all things fun.
But as I’ve just popped up, I have a question for anyone watching.

Anyone tried to run a game of JUNK’D on Roll20.net?
I think it should be easy enough to sort out.
Would anyone want to try it with me?

I’m not too savvy with Roll20, but I can whip up some track art easy enough for it.
Maybe I’ll see if I can set up the basic map now.

–Think I’m about there… maybe just some little char portraits and I’m good to go
p.s this was all created faster than one of those paper cars… lol


okay petrol heads, I think we are ready to start the engines.

just need some playerino’s.

–celebrated my ‘Good Topic’ award with an update to those crappy char portraits. :smiley:

pps: Mods… is it possible to unlock editing of old posts? I’d love to be able to update my first post and keep a current update on there.

pppsss: Why do I now feel the urge to play Mario Kart? wtf!?


Dirt Track and Upgraded ‘HOGs’ Are in!

Apologies for the colors, I know it still looks like a Unicorn ate too many skittles and threw up on the Highway. I wish Roll20 would update their tinting options.


pretty cool Idea, i will try this!

Too long since i played my last round of this funny Game


I wouldn’t use dead batteries, they can leak. Perhaps use some rocks instead?


There has to be risk of some occasional battery acid in this game, If that’s not in the rules, it should be! :wink:


Yeah but that shit is toxic :slight_smile: