High Defence


Sorry, I do not quite understand how this work? Could you elaborate on that please, 'cause it looks interesting!



Step one: roll six six-sided dice (6D6). You are rolling six dice because you have six points to spend, and you are using six-sided dice because there are six stats.

Step Two: Look at the results. For this example, let’s assume you got: 1, 1, 2, 5, 5, 6. I have already grouped them here, but after you roll them, put all the matching numbers together.

Step Three: Every number you rolled corresponds to a Stat. So, in order, they are 1= Strength, 2= Dexterity, 3 = Constitution, 4 = Intelligence, 5 = Wisdom, and 6 = Charisma. So, treat every 1 rolled as a +1 in your Strength stat. In our example, we rolled two 1s, so the Strength stat came up twice. Because we rolled two 1s, which stand for Strength, give yourself +2 in Strength. As expanded on below, Dex only came up once (we rolled only one 2), so Dex only gets one point, etc.

Step Four: Do this for every result. In our example, we rolled one 2. So that means Dexterity came up once, and your Dex will be +1. We didn’t roll any 3s, so no Con bonus. We also didn’t roll any 4s, so no Int bonus. However, we did roll two 5s. Because 5 means Wisdom, and it came up twice, our wisdom bonus will be +2. Finally, we rolled one 6, which means Charisma, and we only have one of those, so Charisma is a +1.

Step Five: So, with a result of 1, 1, 2, 5, 5, 6, our stats would be as follows:

  1. Str +2
  2. Dex +1
  3. Con 0
  4. Int 0
  5. Wis +2
  6. Cha +1

And then, of course, you can repeat this process for effort. So, we will roll 4 dice because we have four points to spend, and we will roll D5s, because we have five categories of effort: 1= Basic, 2= Weapon/tool, 3= gun, 4 = magic/energy, and 5 = ultimate. How do you roll a D5? Either do it online, get yourself a dice rolling app on your phone, roll a D6 and reroll all 6s, or roll a D10 and divide by 2.

For effort, let’s say we roll: 3, 4, 5, 4. What this means is that we will put a single point in Gun effort, 2 points in magic/energy (because it came up twice) and 1 point in ultimate.

  1. Basic: 0
  2. Weapon/Tool: 0
  3. Gun: +1
  4. Magic/Energy: +2
  5. Ultimate: +1

Hope this helps!! That is a simple way to generate ICRPG stats randomly.


In my example I arrived at the following stats

STR +1
DEX +3
CON +1
INT +0
WIS +0
CHA +1

GUN +1

With a +1 to place wherever I want. It looks like a Gunslinger so I’m going to toss it into GUN.


Thank you, I understand now. :+1: