Heroes of Rûl



Heroes of Rûl (WIP) is another mini-project that spun-off from Action Card RPG, of which there is some design overlap. Legends of Rul is inspired primarily by Zelda, JPRGs, and Adventure RPGs. It aims to provide a somewhat simpler version of ICRPG, magic excepted. Types, for example, have been reduced to three - Combat, Skill, Magic - each with a single ability. This was done to further emphasize loot.

Television and Movies: The Dark Crystal (Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), Vision of Escaflowne
Games: Legend of Zelda, Hyper Light Drifter, Octopath Traveler, Ryuutama

Create a Hero

  • Assign Hero Points: place 2, 1, 1, 0 in any STATS
  • Assign Effort: 4 points
  • Assign +1 to any STAT or EFFORT
  • Select 1 Hero Type
  • Select 1 piece of Heroic Loot
  • Select 4 pieces of Basic Loot

Assign Hero Points

Players place 2, 1, 1, 0 in any order for their hero character’s STATS

Strength (STR): physical power, might, and stamina. It’s used for melee attacks and hit point recovery.
Dexterity (DEX): agility, precision, nimbleness, and speed. It’s used for ranged and light melee attacks and DEFENSE.
Insight (INS): wits, cunning, memory, deception, and sensory perception. It’s used for utilizing arcane magic and initiative.
Willpower (WIL): spirit, courage, resolve, empathy, and charisma. It’s also used for light magic and mana point recovery.

Players can assign up to 4 points to their hero character’s EFFORT

Basic (d4): No Weapons or Tools
Light (d6): Light Weapons and Tools
Heavy (d8): Heavy Weapons and Tools
Magic (d10): Magic and Energy
Ultimate (d12): Critical Hits

Bonus Point
The player can place an additional +1 point in any STAT or EFFORT of the player’s choice

Option: Biotypes of Rûl
If players would like to play a hero character from one of the peoples in Rûl whose biotype has more specialized adaptations or abilities (e.g., wings, gills, fire-breath, etc.), they can trade their Bonus Point to do so

Other Hero Info
Hearts: 1 Heart = 10 Hit Points (HP)
Stars: 1 Star = 10 Mana Points (MP)
Defense: Your DEFENSE score is equal to 10 + AGI + your LOOT bonus
HP Recovery: d20 + STR STAT ≥ TARGET, regain STR STAT + 1 in HP
MP Recovery: d20 + WIL STAT ≥ TARGET, regain WIL STAT + 1 in MP

Hero Type (Choose 1)

Combat Type

  • Tough: +1 to HP Recovery rolls and regained HP
  • Martial Training: Weapons you wield inflict HEAVY EFFORT

Magic Type

  • Attuned: +1 to MP Recovery rolls and regained MP
  • Spell Savant: choose either Arcane or Spiritual magic and gain 3 spells from this tradition. This tradition’s spells are never HARD for you to cast

Skillful Type

  • Adaptive: +2 additional equipped item spaces
  • Expertise: all Tools you utilize do HEAVY EFFORT

Heroic Loot (Choose 1)
Heroic Loot is organized in terms of Type for those who want Loot fitting their Type. Regardless of their type, heroes can choose any 1 piece of heroic loot of their choice.

Combat Loot

Magic Loot

Skillful Loot

Basic Loot (Choose 4)
Select Basic Loot for your character. This list is not exhaustive. It only reflects common adventuring gear. Unless noted, each piece of LOOT occupies 1 INVENTORY space.


Magic and Spells
Three types of magic: Spiritual, Arcane, and Sorcery. Sorcery is blighted magic that corrupts those who wield it. Heroes don’t cast sorcery.

Spiritual (WIL) >> Natural World Magic
Mystics invoke the forces of the natural world and call upon its spirits for guidance. Mystics channel their sacred power to perform magical deeds of light, protection, healing, nature, and even psychic mentalism. The power of spirit magic, however, must not be abused as it can cause spell burn.
Mana Cost: 2 MP per spell
Inventory: None. Spirit Magic does not use Inventory slots
Spell Burn: Place a D4, 1 up, on your sheet. For each Spirit spell cast, increase the Spell Burn die by 1. When it reaches 4, magical power overloads the caster, and they must make a WIL Check on the current TARGET to continue casting. If they succeed, reset the die to 1. If they fail, roll the Spell Burn die: the player cannot use any Spells for that many ROUNDS.

Arcana (INS) >> Ancient Eldritch Magitech
Arcanists wield the esoteric magitech of the Ancients known as ‘Arcana.’ Arcana are the remnants of the Ancients’ eldritch science that delved into manipulating energy, time, teleportation, and alchemy through magitech devices. Arcanists do not suffer spell burn from Arcana; however, Arcana does take up valuable INVENTORY space and risks a GLITCH.
Mana Cost: 2 MP per spell
Inventory: 1 slot per spell
Glitch: Any Arcana cast roll of a Natural 1 activates a Glitch. Roll 1D20 and consult the chart.

  1. Fumble: the arcana you are using falls to the ground
  2. Busted: your arcana is broken until repaired
  3. Gibberish: you cannot speak intelligibly for 1D4 rounds
  4. Burn Out: suffer 1D4 ROUNDS of Spell Burn
  5. Dazed: casting your next INS or WIL check becomes HARD
  6. Recharged: you regain 1d4 HP and MP
  7. Zap: you take MAGIC damage
  8. Lag: your spell activates 1D4 ROUNDS later
  9. Freeze: you are frozen for 1 ROUND
  10. OOM: you are drained to 0 MP
  11. Bugged: you summon 1D4 Void Moths (1 HP, +0 all rolls)
  12. Warp: you teleport to a random NEAR location you can see
  13. Magnetic: you attract all CLOSE metallic objects
  14. Phasing: you become immaterial for 1D4 ROUNDS
  15. Dust: you need 1 TURN to blow the dust out of your arcana
  16. Reboot: your arcana needs 1 day to reboot
  17. Shock: everyone NEAR takes BASIC damage
  18. Jammed: you cannot use that arcana again for 1D4 rounds
  19. Virus: your next STR or DEX STAT check becomes HARD
  20. Nothing: the glitch effect is too subtle or insignificant

Sorcery (STR) >> Blighted Dark Magic
Sorcerers harness the powerful corruption of the Blight to perform the dark magic of sorcery. Sorcery spells require 2 HP to cast, whether from the caster or some other unwilling subject.

Paths of Power
Paths provide further ways to customize your hero through thematic abilities. These are often gained through achieving great deeds, unlocking them at shrines or dungeons, and defeating indomitable foes.


Shrines of Power

Minor Shrine

Lesser Shrine

Greater Shrine


Some bigger updates to the renamed “Heroes of Rûl” project, such as deciding how Spirit and Arcana magic would work. In short, spirit does not use inventory slots but it does use Spell Burn. Arcana does use Inventory slots, but I also wanted magical mishaps. But the big breakthrough with that was when I began thinking of it more in terms of computer glitches rather than magic spells.

Working on…

  • Heroic and Basic Loot
  • Spells
  • Paths of Power
  • Shrines


As there is a more loot-centric focus for this Mod, I’ve been playing around with (a) Weapon Tags, that also (b) move some of the common type abilities to the Loot. So for example, instead of repeating “your weapon criticals on a natural 19 and 20” or “you can make a second attack on a 15+ roll,” these are turned into the Deadly and Rapid tags. I am debating about whether or not I need Tags for all weapons, as I also like the idea that players may find, for example, a Deadly Mace that would be different from a Stunning Mace or a Brutal Mace. But at the same time, it’s nice to find a weapon and know its general properties, kind, or specialty, also as per video game itemization.


Staff: Reach, Finesse
Spear: Reach, Thrown
Polearm: Reach, Bulky
Knife Belt: Finesse, Thrown
Sword and Scabbard: Deadly
Two-Handed Sword: Mighty, Bulky
Battle Axe: Disarming
Mace: Crushing
Warhammer: Brutal
Boomerang: Thrown, Stunning
Sling and Bullets: Ranged, Ammo, Crushing
Bow and Arrows: Ranged, Ammo, Rapid
Crossbow and Bolts: Ranged, Ammo, Deadly, Bulky

Weapon Tags

  • AMMO: run out of standard ammunition on a natural 1
  • CLEAVING: damages other CLOSE foes by BASIC on a 15+
  • BRUTAL: roll EFFORT twice and take the better result
  • BULKY: uses 2 inventory spaces
  • CRUSHING: reduce enemy DEFENSE by 1 on a 15+
  • DEADLY: critical hit on a natural 19 or 20
  • DISARMING: can disarm an enemy on a 15+
  • FINESSE: can use STR or DEX for attack rolls
  • MIGHTY: upgrade damage die by one (e.g., d6 to d8, d8 to d10, etc.)
  • RANGED: can attack within FAR but CLOSE attacks are HARDER
  • RAPID: make a second attack on a 15+
  • REACH: can attack opponents up to NEAR range
  • STUNNING: STUNS an enemy for 1 ROUND on a 15+
  • THROWN: can attack within NEAR without penalty

ALSO: I have changed the TYPE abilities around as well. The key change being that the Combat Type uses Weapons as d8 (instead of d6) and the Skillful Type uses Tools as d8 (instead of d6). This also means that the Magic Type uses Weapons and Tools as d6. Additionally, the Skillful Type goes from getting a quasi-skill system to getting additional equipped slots for items.