Help looking for pre gens



Someone had done some cool looking fantasy characters on index cards… I can remember who did them or where they are at, searching isnt revealing anything. I need some pregens for Con on the Cob game in a couple days… anyone know what im talking about can point me in the right direction.


There was the pathfinder art ones a long time ago that might be what your are talking about - someone had done some using paizo art for a con — but what about heroes of the hammer? He updated it at one point and it is now 53 pages with REALLY cool figure flats for each pre-made. V2_11. @Murder_Hobo_Show — on drive thru if you don’t already own it (I feel like you do though).

The update slipped passed my notice and when I saw the revision, I was pretty stoked. Think when I originally bought it there were like 12 or something in it; now there are 44!

To me - that doc is the perfect premades for ICRPG grab, print, and hit the table…


Yes i think it was the paizo art ones for the con. Here’s the thing… im going to be playing with first timers and the heroes of the hammer character sheets dont make sense.

Here’s what i mean… when you start a character you get 6 points to put into your base… some of these characters have like 15 points in base… its like the stats were just thrown in willy nilly, and what is an ice robe of olo… i cant find that anywhere. When the players ask me what this stuff does, i wont be able to give them an honest answer.

you have base stats through the roof, characters with 22 armor class, (there is nothing to say how many advances they have taken), the loot has no descriptions, and im teaching new players the game. I wont be able to explain the character sheets to the players from heroes of the hammer…

ill look for the paizo ones


I hear you – I reviewed it again after I suggested it and totally see what you mean. They are cool but wouldn’t work.


Yeah I love the Hero’s but had no clue how to use them as I didn’t know what half the loot did or how the stats were generated.
So I edited the sheets getting rid of the stats and loot leaving the box’s blank. I printed them off and just made characters using core.
I also printed and kept some blanks so that my players could use the awesome art work to create characters.


The Loot for the Pregens in "Heroes of the Hammer is meant to be statted by each individual Dungeon Master in true DIYTTRPG style. It is a word prompt, not a fleshed out idea.