Have I come full circle? (An ode to Hankerin)



Apologies upfront, this is not so much an informative post but rather a big thankyou to Hankerin. I stumbled upon ICRP back in 2017? and fell in love. It was so different yet so similar, so wild yet so sensible. But foremost it gave me inspiration (see attachments) and at the end of the day if nothing else taught me how to be a more confident and better DM. So I was taken aback recently when C&S was offered on Bundle of Holding. How did I miss this? I had never heard of this game before? (and I pride myself on knowing all things tabletop RPG) So I little research later I have ordered two copies of the physical book and the North Holds Table Map - Ha Ha Ha. Honestly I cant go wrong because this guys is a creative genius. I will have questions for this forum, but I am currently digesting the rules so the questions shall wait.
That said, I am um’ing and ar’ing about buying into the Runehammer Patreon and in particular the HEX Issues. Without giving away and secrets, can someone give me a brief summary of watch each Hex Issue entails. I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks again Hankerin
May all your dice roll low.
PS - Back in 2017 ICRPG gave me the inspiration to draw a frog ninja - C&S has frog folk - SOLD!



Why just HEX? $5 gets you access to everything. Subscribe for one month and grab them all to see what you think. You aren’t necessarily paying for content; you are paying to help support a pillar of the RPG community who is about to launch his own game store. This isn’t a monthly sub with access only to the month’s content. Pretty sure that’s still the method; it is a gold mine of all content.