Hank on Shadowdark



Hankerin has a new video out about Shadowdark which is live on Kickstarter now. Check it out!

I’ve been a fan of Kelsey’s work at the Arcane Library for a minute. But for y’all’s interest, @thearcanelibrary is a part of our shield wall and Runehammeria community. You’ll see Kelsey’s name in the credits for blood and snow back in 2018 for instance:


Dungeoncraft has a video on Shadowdark here.

Questing Beast has a video on Shadowdark here.


it feels like the love child of ICRPG and DCC, if it was concieved in a B/X world


Dave Thaumavore has a great interview with Kelsey here:


FYI: There’s quite a few Shadowdark Live play videos out now with examples of how the game looks live at the table.

  1. Kelsey played with some community members here.
  2. D20 Play has a video here.
  3. Tenkar’s Tavern has a video here.
  4. Garblag Games has a video here.