Hank is Johnny Cash? What?



Found this on the Reddit ICRPG forum. I’m really unsure how to grasp this? :thinking: But I’m glad he is pleased by ICRPG!


Thanks for posting this video. I love this guy’s passion for ICRPG. I kinda need him to be a regular around here. I do wish he had made his point in about a third of the time, though. Brevity, sir. Brevity. But, great video and great points.

But @Runehammer Ingrid Brandish Brenden Hankerin’, I’m gonna start referring to you as “IC Creator” from now on.


Watch Youtube vids at 2x speed. It is bliss I tell you!


Yeah, I had to to watch it at 1.5x speed. :slight_smile:

After pondering his points for an evening, I think I get where he is coming from when relating Hank…sorry “IC Creator”… to Johnny Cash, his personification of the man in black, and how he adapted other’s music as his own in his later years transforming them into his own works of art (so to speak). I’d like to think though that while Hank, Ingrid, Brandish, etc. are all “pen names”, that’s not necessarily a personification or facade, but that Hank is actually just being who he is as a real person only protecting his individual identity and privacy.

As far as Hank transforming a previous work into his own and making something new and probably even better than the original…I completely agree. Although I know Hank drew from more than just the one well of D&D, of course, especially after finally finishing reading Dungeon World. What really excites me is that somewhere out there in this mad world is a young mind, similar in nature to Hank’s, who is using and playing ICRPG right now. The cogs and wheels are churning in their imaginative mind as their future leads to building upon and improving the foundation laid by Hank…and the cycle of creativity continues… :brain: