GSRPG Released (Google Slides RPG)


@Kreeba Now that I’ve been able to test out GSVTT for my last three sessions, I decided I might as well share some of my experiences!

To get it out of the way, it was a bit inconvenient that the script is not approved by Google, as I think it caused one of the players to be unable to use it. All the others managed to get it to work, but for the last one, they had to revert back to manual dice (luckily rolled with the punches, but ya)

But apart from the technical issue… I LOVED IT! Super easy to visualize things, drag and drop, etc. My players did not seem to mind, either, and in overall we managed to get a lot of fun out of it. Will very likely use it again for future one-shots.

I ended up reworking 90% of the design, heh. But this was to set the mood of the game, and to make it work with my own vision. Everything was ran as scenes, with the occasional zones, which worked wonderfully. Another thing that worked great, was items. It was as simple as dragging in an icon, then writing or copy-pasting in text with the information. For key items, I also had a separate slide containing any details.

Turn order was simply the player tokens + enemies as a row on top. I baked as much as the visual things into the background, so that drag and drop was kept simple during the games.

  • A scene where they went to pick flowers (to aid them against the last boss)

  • One of the character sheets, giving plenty of space for equipment:

  • Aftermath of the final game, where I used black boxes to mark environment as destroyed, and the orange being a pillar of fire, set ablaze thanks to a super-flammable carpet in the center.

  • Because players didn’t loot a lot (and it wasn’t in focus during these games), I resorted to making “pop-up” shops here and there, which worked pretty nicely. I don’t remember if I actually got to use this version of the slide, but I liked the thought of having a kind of game-like shopping experience for them, with wares I could then replenish after the game, ready for next time it might come in handy.


Glad you found it useful. Your game looks stunning.

Perhaps I should publish the script to the add-on’s store at some point which would legitimise it.


wow… Lovely character sheet you got there! And the simple top bar as initiative tracker, so clean!

The shop solution is neat. Even with RHVTT you could create a “room” just for that. Interesting… :thinking: