GSRPG Released (Google Slides RPG)


Hi. I took the time to finish my Google Slides RPG tool. A way to play or track a game of ICRPG using Google Slides. For those of you that haven’t used Google Slides before, it is essentially like PowerPoint, but all the changes you make can be seen in real-time by everyone with it open.




Included are:

  • Dungeon master tools and initiative tracker
  • Character Sheet
  • Encounter

What makes it useful is there is a Dice Roller script that will roll the dice for you and share it with everyone in the speaker notes. To see that you must have a google account and then click on File > Make a Copy. Wait for it to copy over and load, then click refresh on your browser. The script will then open the Dice Roller. Watch the video above for a demo.


The Last Flight of the Red Sword GSVTT playkit

That is incredible. Great work!


Holy hell, man. I just watched the video and this is awesome. I’ve got questions but first to play with it to try and fully grasp it. Strong work, my man.


Man I am glad you did all the work for me! Saves me all the trouble of actually thinking this one thru. Excellent work! I imagined something similar with GS, but no way I could have come close to this.


Yes!! Thank you for your continued work on this. I love the equipment idea for the character sheet.


This in incredible! Will definitely be using this tool in the future!


Made a couple of changes today.

  1. Changed the Imitative Tracker to simply be reordering the Character Sheet slides into the order you wanted.

  2. Changed the visual of the equipped equipment to a person, which allows you to visually put the loot on your character. I just thought it would be cool to be able to visualise where things are being stored.

I would be interested from hearing any feedback from someone/group that has used it.


So, could this be used like roll20? Can you hide some screens from others?

This is fantastic: great work!


Yes. Exactly. What you can do is make another Google Slide as the GM that has all your assets/scenes already made for the encounter. Then when you need them you can copy/paste either your selected items or an entire slide from your GM one into the live adventure one, with the players.


Fantastic! I’ll have to give it a try.


Excellent re-purposing of Google Sheets into a Roll20 clone. Well done! This can be very useful for those who don’t want to use Roll20 for whatever reason.

Visual equipment is a very nice touch. :herocoin:


Did anyone end up using this?


Just found this through your new post. This is a clever idea and I had no idea this was possible with a G slide! If it would seamlessly integrate with hangouts it would be perfect. But I don’t believe that’s possible.


You could either, share your screen in hangouts or just have them open side by side


I used it for a game with the Unbound crew, and it worked brilliantly. We used a voice call through Discord for audio (our video wasn’t cooperating), and the GSRPG as the VTT. I found it easy and intuitive. Thanks!


Great work thanks for the effort


Ended up using a modified version of it because of the covid-19 outbreak. Thanks a lot for your work ! we had a blast running those games !


Nice to see you getting use from it!


I used recently for a Warp Shell one shot.

I was starting to put items in the charecter with stats, but because The Fall of the Red Sword involved a lot of random loot, I actually went up to put 20 boxes of written loot instead.

Also the players found more useful to have the sheet on a separate doc than the game one. I added snippet of the charecter creation steps to the slides and then they created the charectes online in a session zero with me (first time RPG players, noz converted to the cause! :star_struck:)

I also tried to use the script to automatically fill in the timer, but it only worked for 1 slide, not all. (different object IDs)

Example character:

Example room:

(using assets from this forum, IRPC Core tokens and art)


@Kreeba What an asset these are! At the last minute, last night, I session 0 got moved from spacious clean game store to online due to Changes in local COVID precautions.
I was able to change the character sheet around to reflect 3E effort sneak previews, and a few other requirements very easily and quick. Alongside RHVTT, and some map art from Bearcats, this turned into quite the powerhouse combination and a great kickoff session. Thanks for all you do and share!