Greetings Y'all!



Hola! Been lurking for a week or so now and decided it was time to introduce myself to the shield wall. I’ve really been digging into the content of this forum and have found it so inspiring and full of great advice. I’ve jumped around other TTRPG places like this but this is the first time I have really felt compelled to be part of the membership.

Been watching Runehammer for years but it wasn’t until recently that I have decided to take on the GM mantle and run games for my friends. Honestly, I think it was watching his videos that really made me feel like I could do this. I started about 2 years ago and ran a few games here and there but they never stuck. At first I was nervous and anxious and while my games were never perfect (can they ever really be?), we all still had a blast. As time has gone on, i’ve learned more and have more confidence to run the games, teach new players and keep the group having fun. The experience overall has been great and applying what I learn and read about is really helping me to hone my own style as a GM.

I run a small D&D group that can only meet once a month (tonight is session #3!) at my house and i’m considering getting my old highschool group back together for some ICRPG online since we all live in different places now. I never realized how fun it could be running my own games and wish I had done it years sooner.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and I look forward to contributing any way that I can. I’ll attach some photos from my GM journal as a reward for making it this far! (or maybe that’s a punishment?)

TL;DR This forum is amazing and full of really helpful and inspiring information. Here’s loot in the form of pictures!


+2 for a Legend of Zelda journal!
Hearts ftw!


Welcome to this incredible voyage. Nice pics on the journal. Thanks for sharing the story of the trip here. GMing is great. Just don’t abuse the players time.


Welcome officially to the Maelstrom of positive, three-thumb, lumpy-headed weirdos!!! We are always better for having new members on the shield wall!

Thanks for moving beyond lurking and becoming a contributor! Those pictures are awesome, and congrats on your DM’ing. I definitely think you should look into online games; I think you’ll be glad you did.

Because I can’t give more than one heart to this post, take a couple hero coins!

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Thanks for all the love! Player time is definitely of my priorities since we only meet once a month. I’m hoping that as they see how much fun it is they’ll get more into it and want to play every other week. One could hope at least. With each game they get better and better as the mechanics start to become more familiar. So pumped to have a group again.


Hope you get your players hooked.