Greek mythology inspired campaign resource



Greetings, Shield Wall!

Long-time lurker, first time poster here. I wanted to share a resource that I made for my latest campaign. I’ve always hacked and homebrewed my DnD campaigns, but when I discovered ICRPG a few years back, I fell in love. I wanted to port my homebrew setting over from DnD 5e and try to add some new mechanical systems, as well.

It took a while to do, but I’ve finally finished a first draft of a campaign setting/resource document (which you can find here, if you feel so inclined:

The major additions are:

-A new class system with base classes and subclasses.
-A new free-form elemental magic system.
-A new alchemy system.
-Various other new mechanics, LOOT, and suggested backgrounds that fit the mythology-inspired setting.
-Information about the campaign setting, including a pantheon of gods.

Please give feedback or take bits of it to adapt to your campaigns.


I really like the idea of this, keep up the good work! Will you publish it later?


Thanks for the encouragement!

As for publishing, I’m considering it. I’m not 100% certain how to go about doing that, though. I’d need to source someone for artwork, first.


Some good artists in the Runehammer community! And if you can, you can commission Hank too! :smiley:
Best of luck, for sure!


As a teacher with a degree in Latin and Ancient Greek, I approve of more Greek Myth inspired resources.