GM HEART MONITOR: Foe hp tracking



I found it just now, this is brilliant!
Normally I note just numbers, and when you’ve got a lot of them it is hard to be lost, with this no problem anymore! Thanks!


This is AMAZING. TY! cant wait to use this in my upcoming game!


Hey guys, thanks for the encouraging words.
I’ve been pretty busy work-wise and focussed on running my own OSE campaign.
I have a mapping sheet to go with this. Just got to check with Hank on a few things on it when I get the chance.
Probably one more revision on the main sheet too. Now’s the chance to give me any feedback.


Hi. I’m, thinking about this again.

QUESTION: What’s the average amount of foe types that you pit against your players in a session?
I usually use 2-4 myself.

Also, would love some feedback on the sheet. If you use it, I’d like to know how many hearts on the sheet you use up in a session or sortie.


Better late than never?
6 HP Heart LINK


Why six (6) HP Hearts?


Reply to @Luther. I wrote I’d make them a custom one.


I’ve always thought 10 was not very flexible for game mechanics hacking. For example wizards and rogue types could start with 2 hearts (12HP) and fighters with 3 hearts. Not quite as fragile as 10 hp, not as dramatic to reward a heart as milestone too. Adds more flexibility to monster HP. You could also divide hearts into red hearts and black hearts for various purposes. Ex. Magic sword could do 1 red heart of damage (full 6 HP) or a red heart and a black heart ( black heart would be 1d6 instead of full 6) . 4 heart monster might be 4 red hearts (being 24 HP) or 2 red hearts and 2 black hearts 12+2d6. Lots of other possibilities if you pause and ponder it.


Thanks. And yeah, it has been a while.:slightly_smiling_face:


I prefer the 10hp hearts. Simple.
But I said I would export one for you. :wink:


Bumping these questions though. :grin:


Have you played the game with your red/black heart hack?


Not yet, but it seems very little for the players to consider different than before. It’s an idea i was just playing around with because of various reasons. —monster and character HP as stated above and such things as critical hits. If weapon damage is d6, a crit could be max damage (or stated as 1 red heart) or add a black heart to more randomize. Hearts in this fashion, essentially representing FULL versus RANDOMIZED could be applied to all kinds of things — spell damage/effect, healing potion effect, etc


Ok here’s an update. :grin: Focussing back on monsters/foes. I probably won’t change it much from here. At least until I get back to the table as a GM.

I am working on a companion worksheet for rooms/maps but might be a while.

Kids game combat tracking

This is great! I especially like the Monster Tier Guide reminder section. It’s almost like a built-in GM screen.


You could fold up the ‘Types’ section for some privacy :joy:


This is getting better and better as everyones feedback and @Tilmah continues to refine it… I could easily see this being printed as a GM’s Playmat (on a printed page size of 11x17 or 8x14) …

Game On!


Looks amazing, looking forward to the companion sheet!


Wow this is Huge!!! thank you


Beautiful tracker sheets, Tilmah!..
A similar idea I’ve used for years (posted in another discussion) that some may find useful:

Slashes can be used for 5hp hearts (my preference).
Combination of slashes and X’s can be used for 10hp hearts (official rules).
You just have to visualize hearts as pentagons!