Ghost riders


So as I started to build my set, it’s been really difficult to find motorcycles to use for ghost riders. I realize the scale on these are off, but this is the idea I’m currently toying with.

Anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sizes shmizes! It’s the DIY spirit that really counts!


I had the same problem, I would prefer appropriate sized ghost rider motorcycles…this paper mini set (Okumarts Games AOH#3) came out recently that solved it for me, though you will need to reduce their size even more if you use matchbox cars.

the bikes are in the bonus content, and you have many color options for the vehicles themselves. The AOH#4 set has a small dune buggy paper car (grey matter games) you could also use and modify if your interested in paper vehicles.

I hope this helps some.


That looks awesome I may try that. Thanks for the link.


try this set here…