Getting Runehammer into my local game shop


I’ve got two game shops in my area. I’d love to see Runehammer books in them.

I wish more people here played C&S but the shops only host games for products they sell (obviously). So getting your stuff into their shops would help me play more games I love.

I play games at both stores. One is more D&D and card game oriented. The other carries Mork Borg, Vaessen, Call of Chutulu and other Free League publishing stuff.

One of the stores mentioned issues (vague) with Modphious. I get the sense that now RH publishes directly.

Anyhow, would love to help clarify that or connect you to the right person.

Really just asking so I can find more players. LOL I don’t care for coin, just want to play.



I’d also like to get RH products over here to Europe.

What would be the process involved in getting that to be a reality, now that RH is a publisher and doesn’t have to rely on Modiphius?


In the USA, apparently, the store just reaches out to Runehammer. When I told one of the stores that I think RH sells directly, the owner (?) seemed excited and said he’d be talking to them. I hope something comes of it.

It might have helped that I took my Crown & Skull and EZD6 books to show. :slight_smile: I also offered to run some games if they get RH in the store. :crossed_fingers: