Gaming with the kids


My children have been loving the simplicity and flexibility of ezd6 for the last few adventures. So much so, my son had me gm a game for his 14th birthday with a few of his friends. Some weren’t initially interested but by the end they were all completely invested! :smiley:

My son’s necromancer is obsessed with raising every dead thing in the world, and my daughter can’t leave coin anywhere except her own pouches!

The flow between combat and narrative play transitions smoothly, and they especially like the addition of some loke battle mats for flavour.


I just got the book. Trying to wrap my head around the magic system, but excited to give it a whirl!


I love the simple system. I transitioned my family’s game to the ezd6 style of rolling in the middle of the campaign. Its great!


Which part of the magic rules is getting you down?


I just needed to reread the section on resistance and power levels of the spell cast.


Yeah, we had a big discussion of the casting sequence yesterday on the Discord.

  1. Spellcaster announces the spell they want to cast.
  2. Target makes their resistance roll. If the spell is targeting a group, all the members of the group roll their resistance dice.
  3. Spellcaster decides on power level of spell after seeing what they’re up against. (I.e., if targets roll well, risk 3d6; if they roll poorly, squeak by with 1d6.)
  4. Spellcaster rolls, and result of spell is announced. Note that if a single member of a targeted group resists the spell, the entire group resists successfully (it’s all or nothing). Note also that a 6 by a spellcaster always wins, even if a target rolls a 6.