Game Tuesday July 2nd at 7-10 CST


(Please note the time change! We had to postpone from a few weeks ago.)

Hail shield wall! We of the old Hellbound crew fly the winds of time again, Tuesday, July 2nd at 7-10 CST. We are looking for 1 more lumpy head to join our crew. We’re playing TotM over video, with Google Sheets as VTT for campfire effect (shout out to @Kreeba for his work). DM me if you’re interested.

In a splintered-off timeline, Xa’as has melded with the rescued warp shell. The crew sets out to rescue their friend Quillion from Volrac’s realm in Hell. An infestation of xenomorphs threatens to destabilize the region. Will they find Quill and get out alive? What will become of the xenos? Who is watching them - be they friend or foe? And what enigmatic stranger is trapped in Hell with them, leaving breadcrumbs for them to follow? Find out on Hellbound: Splinter Shell!