[Game Art] Generic Good Guys / Bad Guys


Hey shields,

I’m a very visual GM trying to pick terrain and paperminis as close as possible to the actual thing (like using goblin minis for actual goblins etc.). That’s sometimes cumbersome, so I’m trying to shift my mindset to a more generic approach.

Hence I drew some generic good guy / bad guy art, which I plan on using in my games (both online VTT tokens and offline print’n’play paperminis) as improvisation-quick-fallback-art. Hope you like 'em :smiley:




Most excellent, dude. Take a Hero Coin! :herocoin:


Only bad guy and good guy,
Why get more, like a neuter.
But have more varieties like:
very bad (red), bad (orange), neutral (yellow), good (green), very good (blue).
Why red for the very bad guy because they have blood on his hands.


sure go ahead! I don’t want tons of generic minis for the improv purpose, but that’s only me :slight_smile:


I have been working on a similar mindset but for characters. I found generic art for class types and then tricked them out a bit. Most people can for sure find their own character art to fit their needs but I wanted something less specific to keep the players open to the pretend part of a session. I haven’t actually used them yet but adding them here for your own use if you ever have the need :slight_smile:

Like the good guy / bad guy stance a lot!

barbarian cleric


Also not sure if I’m doing this right:

That’s the post from back in the day for Kubo’s doomvault – scroll down a bit in the thread and there is a link to his generic tokens as well. Super cool kit all around for VTT play – not sure if you saw that before or not :slight_smile:


This is a great idea. It can help track elite or specialist enemies or friendlies.