From Enemy to Ally, or theTransmogrification Ray


For those who have looked under the hood, and stared at the beautiful feedback loops of ATK and DEF numbers, how Equipment/Skill slots degrade under attrition vs how HP degrades under Damage/To Hit Die. You’ve glimpsed the thrumming asymmetrical heart of Crown and Skull. Characters are statistically taking less damage, but more often than Enemies, who swing pretty wildly. I submit this is the metronome that gives this game it’s pop, it’s swing at the table.

But… and there’s always a but, I play with NERDS, who are not gonna let me improv a conversion for the yeti they just cast ‘Control Others” on. When they rescue Uruhito they want to see what that frog can DO. I found myself quickly craving a low effort, high fidelity, decoder ring that would let me hot swap enemies and allies into the others architecture. This is my current best version. I share, looking forward to it’s refinement.

My approach was pretty clumsy, I’d posit a conversion, then have the creature “fight” it’s doppelganger. (“fights’ ’ are just a spreadsheet generating average rounds till death, if the rubric was good, they should stalemate). That sweet wobble we talked about in the opening paragraph…. Yeah it fights, doesn’t want to go into the bottle, takes off into infinities at the edges. The way I settled on stabilizing it was in the attrition to dam die swap.

Monster DEF is multiplied by 2 for Character DEF. HP are divided in half for number of Equipment/Skills Slots. Then I decided how may ‘Slots’ were under threat from attrition. You can roll every round, or just average it out, thats up to the table. That Attrition Level has a chart that is further modified by the Monsters DEF and ATK stat. In my chart, the Attrition level is in the top left, the ATK is the vertical axis and the DEF is the horizontal. Following their intersection, gives you the Damage dice that they use as an ally. As Ally they now have one action.

Here’s a google doc of my chart.

Attrition conversion table

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