Free RPG … seriously!




There is a great roleplaying game that gets little press and not much gaming mentions… but i thought this group would love to adapt it to ICRPG… and its FREE!

Highly recommend the game because:
Great art direction
Great artists
Excellent story
And the website is really well done!

Game On,

(Yes i have it converted to ICRPG in my mainframe.)
Click the poster below to go to the website!


My god, this game is incredible.
I was a player (for once) on a Degenesis campaign, and it was a slap in the face.
It’s absolutely superb and rich. The universe is abundant, the scenario very mature, the rules simple and clear, well adapted to this world.

I love this game, and I recommend it!


Totally agree. My xp with Degenesis is brief but it had the same effect on me… boom!… ICRPG can adapt this easily. Maybe I’ll run a game soon.


I’m curious… why do you want to bother adapting to icrpg?
The Degenesis rules are perfect, and… make sense!


No real reason other than to do it… i like the Degenesis Rebirth system but I like ICRPG and I thought it would be a great system hack!

I sent you a link to my notion page with my ideas… Game On!



Well, I find the Degenesis system perfect for this game, and ICRPG turned out to be really not my cup of tea, however thanks for sharing, it’s very nice :slight_smile:


That is so cool! I love the entire atmosphere that is created with all the art. Thank you for showing this off!