Free Quarantine Reading!


How’s it going, folks!

Totally not an RPG post, but it does involve books. Well in particular, my book.

FREE til June 24th on all Amazon sites!

No obligation, but if you read it I’d really appreciate if you could drop a review on Amazon, it would mean the world to me. Thanks muchly, folks!


I didn’t include links because there are a lot of different regional Amazon sites.

Do a search for the title Beggars in the Streets of Time on Amazon or the Kindle app. Thanks again!


Dude you wrote a book? Grabbing it in paperback!


June 24th is the last day to grab yourself a FREE ebook. Get it while the getting is Free!

An important thing to remember for Amazon Prime folks, Beggars in the Streets of Time is part of the Kindle Lending Library and you can always borrow the book for free to read whenever you want.


Last day for Free stuff!