Foundry VTT: Can I increase the size of token hearts?



I want to use Foundry VTT for in-person sessions, but the hearts displayed under tokens are very small. Is there a method for making the hearts displayed under tokens larger?


Unfortunately, I don’t think there is with the built-in setting, and I’m not aware of any modules that will do it. I have turned the hearts off myself and just use the standard hp bar. You could ask Clipperblood in the ICRPG Community Discord.


I asked him on the Github page and he provided a fix!


Awesome, thanks!

Here’s the fix from ClipplerBlood for future people:


Go to the system folder, and go open the module/icrpgme.js file (windows: \AppData\Local\FoundryVTT\Data\systems\icrpgme\module\icrpgme.js)
Open the file with an editor, like visual studio code or something
Edit line 2586 and 2587 with your preferred values. If your editor doesn't have the lines, you can search for the following:

// Configure size and positioning
const size = 16;
const gap = 2;

Those values are the pixel size of the hearts and the gap between them. You can experiment with them and tune them to your liking. Haven't really tested it so I don't really know if it screws something (probably won't 😛)
After making changes, to see them in Foundry you have to reload the page (if you had an icrpg world already opened)

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
Those changes will be overwritten when the system updates, so keep this in mind!
It's not that critical since the change is quite small and no update is planned for the near future, but it's better if you are informed about this 😅


Great I will try this, I switched mine back to the standard Bar, via the settings. The std look for health in vtt. I also switch the health to be health rather than Damage.