Forests of Gajen - ICRPG expansion



The new ICRPG Core expansion is on drivethrurpg!

Join adventures on the path through the Dark Forests of Gajen. Meet deadly creatures of the night, and test yourself against the poisoned bog of Imlebin. Find the truth behind the mysterious Frozen Blade, a weapon from the forgotten past.

This game module includes:

  • 120 ICRPG cards with:
    • new heroes and creatures
    • tavern tiles
    • bogs and marshes
    • caves, caverns, and black lake
    • dark woods, villages, and goblin camps
    • loot elements
  • 34 pages of storyline, ideas, alchemy, and a cool map
  • 13 pages of monsters and heroes minis
  • 30 VTT tokens

Sample pages:

Cards in action:



I might just buy it the moment I have some dough!


This looks awesome, nice work! The art on the cards looks so good!


Thank You @rpgerminator!


holy heck! looks amazing, excited to check this out!