For New Users


Due to unprecedented spam, there are a few new restrictions in place for brand new accounts and first time posters. If you are new here (as a legitimate user) and have any problems, please do not hesitate to message me.



Hi Alex. I don’t see where I can post in the forum. I am a newbie to the forum. Love the clean look. Easier to read than Facebook! I only have the Basic approval. How long before I can post?


Hey @Mikelally, you’re all set! Enjoy! And welcome to the shield wall!!!


Howdy, Alex. There is no button for posting. Do I need to do anything to turn that on?


Nope @ewilk. Just message me! But you’re all set now!


hey im looking for posting access for inspiration on an upcoming hardsuit session.


How do I gain access to posting?


You’re all set @0rc!!!


Hey @Alex I’d like to be able to post as well :slight_smile:


Got you @Imre_R! Sorry for the delay, I was on the road!


Hi @Alex. I can’t post in the forum, although I am a member for a few years and already posted some times. I want to contribute some free artwork and tools. What do I need to do to post?
Thanks in advance and stay healthy


You just needed to message me. You should be all set, now!


Hi there. I also don’t see the post option. Whenever you have the chance it’d be nice to post lol thanks !


I got you, Boo. Let me know if you have any other problems. :smiley: