Five new pictures


Hi, folks.

Some of you may remember me posting my humble illustrations for free use. I made five new pictures. Three are landscapes, which is new for me but I think they came out nice. The style should fit ICRPG well.

Please tell me if you like my stuff. And remember: all my pictures are free to use. The only exception: my website should stay the only source to download the pictures themselves. I trust you not to use them for something hateful or evil. If you use some of my pictures in your publications I’d like to hear about it. You don’t need to, but it would make me happy.

If you like them, you may like my demon-themed illustrations, too. They are free to use, too:


These are amazing! :heart_eyes:


Your work is exceptional.


These are just great. Thanks for sharing!


Wannsinn! Grossartig und herrlich, alle Zeichnungen. Kunst, Alter, Kunst.