Finally got to play Junk’D “Mario Kart” with family!


Besides play testing, I’ve never had time to get my Mario Kart Junk’D game played with my family, but finally did last night and probably again tonight! It worked well, although we may still tweak some of the item rules. I used my 11x17 track that I had printed and laminated and then just Mario Kart artwork chopped up and folded. The pics aren’t the best but check it out:


That looks like so much fun; my daughter would get a kick out of that.


Converting Junk’d to Mario Kart? GENIUS!


Well, I thought I shared this a long time ago, but now I can’t find it LOL. So I re-uploaded the PDF to my OneDrive if anyone wants to borrow it.
*Obviously the artwork is not my own.

Link for PDF:!AnfnHpdtXMH-mXiXZ5T05KrBnqm5?e=Pb4xjp

(Edit: PS. You may want to scale down the standees, depending on your track size.)


This is super sweet! Well done! My minions have some actual Mario Kart cars, and this would be a perfect use for them!