Final Fantasy styled sprite tokens



Just wanted to share some sprites I’ve made for my campaign. Fun as hell and just keep getting better at them.
wetherly-wedge bridget-biggs Humar Shiva-Idle received_441545996396027 Vyzerena netero Siegfried_Mandark


Ah man! Very cool. I want to see everything you come up with :+1:t3:


These are great! You can do so many things with sprites due to their simplicity. I also like your sprite tiles for VTTs. I don’t really like the aesthetics of sprite tiles but I can’t argue about their effectiveness.


Latest one!
She’s a potential PC love interest and ally for the party. Problem is. She’s possessed by a dark spirit and control a misty dreamspace the party has headed into.



Ha, so cute! Also, possessed love interest always works, he he.