Fillable PDFs on the Discord


Check the arts-and-crafts channel! Both the fillable Basic Character Sheet and the fillable Cards I made are up there now!


Sorry to ask but where would that be?


If you search for discord here on the forum you’ll find the link for the discord, that’s how I did it (not sure if it will copy paste).
When you get into the discord, check the #arts-and-crafts channel.


We have a crafting category here as well, just share a link to your pdfs (i.e. Google drive link, etc.) And the non-discord users will have access to your work as well! Welcome to the Shield Wall!


Sadly I’ve not really the space anywhere to host the pdfs permanently (to many projects) hence why I put them up over in the discord. I know that’s not awesome for non discord folks…


No worries, do what you can! It’s an awesome community of sharing that we have here.