Fargo ICRPG Underground


Fargo’s ICRPG Underground grooooooooowwwwwws! Yesterday I met with @Peterfromfargo and @Hairbear78. We plotted schemes of intergalactic proportion. Soon, very soon, we shall indoctrinate our children to the Shield Wall. We grow mighty! Mwahahahaha!


Well done, Fargo Shields!

Southwest Shields are currently planning a weekend muster of play and workshop.

You approach from the North, we’ll attack from the Southwest. No Wendy’s will be safe. LOL


HAHAHAHAHAHA omfg I saw that yesterday. I thought it was a joke, but nay! I love/hate that that exists.


The mighty crew!!


Awesome crew you guys!


Very cool. I believe a f2f meet up is very possible in Western Washington state. It’s a goal of mine within the next 6 months.


Dang I’m jealous! I gotta reach out to all the Rocky Mountain lumpy heads and try to do a meet up. It would be awesome to put a face to all the great creative minds I interact with here


LMAO I missed this part of your comment!


Are you guys at Drekker?


:open_mouth: You know Drekker?

We were at Twenty Below coffee shop. Best coffee in town.


I’m from Bismarck. I spent almost 8 years in Fargo… Horns Up!!! Don’t make it back over that way very often anymore

I also thought Drekker would be as appropriate a place for the Sheildwall as any, given the theme and all.


Do you know @Levi_E ? Friend of mine that lives in Bismarck