EZD6 Teacher's Ed


I held an EZD6 one-shot with four other middle school teachers I work with this last Friday. It has now turned into a campaign.
Two of the players are veteran D&D players and two have never played an RPG. All four loved it and now more teachers want to join.
I hacked the heck out of the EZD6 ruleset but it still has the same basic mechanics. The players are playing a Ranger, Priest, Guardian, and Wizard.
The reaction from the two veterans was great, because they were amazed that we were able to create characters and get a decent story going in an hour’s time. Also, the two newbs had grasped the basic rules and understanding of roleplaying within that hour. This would be near impossible with most RPG games.
I just thought I would share.


Yeah, schedules permitting I’ll be running a game for a mix of a vet and newbies this weekend.

Just on read-throughs alone, this game clearly is meant for the kinds of experience you had. I think the fast and intuitive play really cause it to stand out above the competition in our time-crunched society. It really is something special.

I understand that DM Scotty is working on a Deluxe Edition. If I had any advice for that one, it would be to spend some time fleshing out the fantasy setting elements (writing up what elves, dwarves and halflings are like, etc.) so as to be even friendlier to new users. As it stands, the core book, as delightful as it is, depends in no small part on our pre-existing familiarity with conventions of the fantasy genre.

I’d love to hand a copy of this to the kids in my family without making them go through D&Dville first.


Ran my first session this weekend. The system, as advertised, was fun beyond belief. Twenty-five year (off-and-on) veteran of TTRPGs, and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun as I did running EZD6. Players were fairly new to RPGs and immediately dove in. I was impressed with how combats went so fast while still feeling like nail-biters.

I’m hoping that the players’ schedules permit this becoming an ongoing game.